2fa Fortnite Epic Games

Epic Games 2fa is one of the heavily promoted things in all of Fortnite. Previously, the developer company has introduced many features to the game that could only be used if 2fa was enabled in player’s accounts. These features and events include gifting, Epic Games sales, competitive events, etc. Enabling 2fa is oftentimes isn’t viewed as a requirement but we highly recommend doing so since even if someone steals your password, they won’t be able to have access to your account since they will be asked for the 2fa verification code.

Unlike most other platforms outside of Epic Games, 2fa is asked every time a user logs in to their accounts to maximize the security but this is not the case with Fortnite. You will only be required to verify yourself in two given situation. After not logging to your Epic Games for 30 days or more and when you log in from a completely new device. So if you’re mostly enjoying Fortnite Battle Royale in such places like internet cafes, it may get annoying at times since you will have to receive the code and type it in every time you log in.

Overall, 2fa is highly recommended not only because you will be able to participate in events but it gives your account a security boost to hide it away from harmful hands. You can check out the link above to learn how to enable this Fortnite feature.


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