Enable 2fa Fortnite Xbox

Fortnite is undoubtedly the most popular online video game that is out there right now. The reason for this could be linked to many things depending on what you like but one thing for sure is that availability is certainly one of those reasons why Fortnite is this popular. As far as consoles go, Fortnite Xbox One boasts over a million players. Since Fortnite is more popular across North America and Western Europe which are the places where the most Xbox One consoles are being sold, it is understandable for Fortnite to dominate over other consoles.

2FA on Fortnite is something that every Xbox One players should have not just to protect their account but to get free rewards as well. If you think your account is secure enough, think twice because Epic Games offers a lot of rewards for those who enable 2fa on their Fortnite Xbox One account. Once you enable Fortnite 2fa, you will be rewarded with Boogiedown Emote. This emote can only be unlocked through enabling 2fa.

How to Enable Fortnite 2fa Xbox

Enabling 2fa on your Fortnite account is easier than you think. Even if you’re on your Xbox or on your PC, you can enable it by logging into your account. Just log in to your account on your web browser and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Account Settings from the top menu
  2. Get to Password&Security tab from left
  3. Scroll down to 2fa and select your verification method
  4. Verify yourself with the code sent to your e-mail or QR code via Authenticator App, and voila!

You successfully enabled 2fa on your Fortnite account. Now you can be a part of special events and rewards. On top of all of this, you will get to secure your account in a more efficient way outside of your password.


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