Fortnite 2fa V-Bucks

Fortnite Battle Royale undoubtedly has taken the world in 2018 and continuing to do so by adding more features to it every update. Considering the fact that Fortnite gets mainly updated once a week, it is by far the only game that gets updates this frequently. For the most part, these updates bring in fresh Limited Time Modes and brand new cosmetics which you can purchase with vbucks, the currency used in Fortnite to make purchases.

Although V-Bucks are only sold through the item shop in exchange for real money, there are some other ways to earn it. Epic Games had made a lot of events where it solely focuses on promoting 2fa. In one of these events, players were subjected to earn up to 300 V-Bucks which is equivalent to $3, however, the least amount of V-Bucks you can purchase is 1000, sold for $10.

What is 2fa?

So what’s 2fa and why do you need to enable it to earn 300 V-Bucks? It is a verification method used by many companies, websites, and platforms to ensure that the person who’s logging into an account is the actual owner of it. So it essentially is another security layer on top of a password. There are multiple ways to activate or enable 2fa and it can only be done through

Note: 2fa for V-Bucks event has currently ended so if you enable it now, you won’t get any V-Bucks on your account. If the event comes to live servers again in the future, we will update this post, stay tuned!


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