What Does 2fa Mean in Fortnite

Two-Factor authentication is one of the most common tools used across the web for securing any type of account whether it be in finance, gaming, social media, any type of website or platform imaginable. Although it sometimes can be annoying because it asks a verification code most of the time when you log in, it is the best method to ensure you are the one who is logging into your account, not just somebody random.

2fa works simple, once you enter your login information correctly, you will be asked to verify yourself by a method that you’ve chosen. It is mostly done via a cellphone number but this is not the case in Fortnite Battle Royale. In Epic Games’ way of doing things, you will not be subjected to enter a cellphone number for this, instead, you will either complete this through your registered e-mail or via an authenticator app. Also, Epic Games will only ask you for the verification code when you haven’t logged in to your account for 30 days or when you try to log in on a new device. It can be annoying if you mostly play at internet cafes but it still is recommended that you enable it.

So what does it all mean?

2fa or two-factor authentication, as you can understand from the name of it is a way to authenticate yourself to the platform you are registered to via a second way other than your password. If you have additional questions such as how to enable 2fa or questions regarding gifting and other features that can only be unlocked if you enabled 2fa, visit our front page!

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